Product Description

As inviting as a country kitchen, the Brunson Collection’s charming design is a blend of traditional lines and casual comfort, creating the perfect arrangement for your casual dining room. The white finish over oak veneer is the perfect canvas for your modern farmhouse décor. The double x-back wood-framed side chair features a neutral tone fabric seat for complementing contrast to the collection’s finish.

Weights & Dimensions

  1. Overall Gross Weight: 22.00 lbs
  2. Overall Net Weight: 17.38 lbs
  3. Overall Dimension: 19 x 23.5 x 38.5H
  4. Seat Width: 19"
  5. Seat Depth: 18"
  6. Seat Height: 19.5"

Product Details

  1. Country of Origin: Malaysia
  2. Wood frame
  3. White finish
  4. Textured fabric upholstery
  5. Double cross chair back
  6. Assembly required
  7. Fabric Type: Textured
  8. Fabric Color: Khaki
  9. Fabric Content: 100% polyester
  10. Fabric Cleaning Code: Upholstery (S)


  1. Number of Boxes: 1
  2. Overall CuFt: 2.7431
  3. Package Dimension: 39.5 x 12 x 20H
  4. Piece per Carton: 2
  5. Assembly Instruction:
*Due to supply chain headwinds, ETA for confirmed containers may be pushed back as much as 8 weeks from current ETA dates. ETA for unconfirmed containers may be pushed back as much as 12 weeks.